Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Charger Work With My Car?

PowaPod charger works with all vehicles with a power outlet, commonly referred to as cigarette lighter.


Will PowaPod Fit On My Carseat Headrest?

PowaPod fits all cars with standard extendable straight headrests with round pipes.


How do I attach PowaPod?

Lift carseat headrest up and clip supplied mount to pipe. Attach PowaPod to mount and fasten with supplied screw. Adjust angles if necessary.


Do I Need A Cigarette Lighter Connection?

PowaPod can be plugged into the cigarette lighter connection or your cars USB connection if available. Supplied charger and power outlet is recommended for speed and safety.


Which Port On The Charger Do I Plug PowaPod into?

The 2.0A USB port on the supplied charger is recommended.


Can I use my own car charger?

Only use the supplied charger otherwise you risk damaging your unit.


Can I plug PowaPod into a wall socket.

No. Doing so will risk damaging your unit.


Will It Drain My Car Battery?

There is no drain to battery while PowaPod and vehicle are on.


Is It Safe To Use?

The supplied charger offers protection against overcharging and overheating while in use. Do not use PowaPod for prolonged periods of time. Never leave PowaPod unattended and unplug when leaving vehicle.


Is My Data Safe?

PowaPod cables are for charging only. No data transfer is possible.


How Many Passengers Can Charge Their Devices?

Up to 3 passengers may charge their devices at the same time.


What Types Of Devices Can I Charge?

Any device with a USB, Micro-USB, USB-C or Lightning connection may be charged. e.g mobile phones, tablets, computers, e-cigarettes, e.t.c


Can I Use My Device While Charging?

Yes, however charging speeds may be affected. Factors include screen brightness, GPS, watching video or playing 3D intensive games.


Can I Charge Android And iPhone Devices?



Charging after 60-80% seems slow, is this normal?

Yes, this is normal behaviour for all Li-Ion batteries.


My cables feel hot, is this normal?

Cables may feel hot when the battery level is below 60-80%. If you are concerned we strongly recommend unplugging the cable immediately. Using PowaPod for prolonged periods of time may result in excessive heat.


Does It Interfere With The Radio?

There is no interference to radio, bluetooth or wifi.


Will The Charger Stay In Place If Car Hits A Bump?



Can I Play Music From My Phone To The Car Speaker?



How Many Cables Are There?

There are 3 retractable power cables, namely MicroUSB, USB Type C, Lightning and one USB Type A extension cable.


Will The Extension Cable Reach My Power Outlet?

Yes, if distance is no longer than 1.5 meters.


How Long Is Each Power Cable?

Up to 50cm.


Can I Adjust The Angle?



Does It Light Up When Plugged In?



Will There Be Any Loose Cables?

All cables retract back leaving no loose cables.


How Do Passenger’s Extend A Cable?

Long pull cable and stop to extend.


How Do Passengers Retract Cable?

Short pull cable and release to retract.


Do I Need To Unplug The Charger When Not In Use?

It is not necessary to unplug the charger when not in use although we strongly recommend it.


Does It Come With A Warranty ?

Please refer to returns policy for more information.


Who is PowaPod for?

PowaPod is for backseat passengers and is ideal for, but not limited to – taxi, limo, shuttle, carpooling and ride sharing services.


Why use PowaPod?

PowaPod allows you to conveniently charge backseat passengers and devices.


Does It Cost Anything To Operate?



Is It Safe For Children?

PowaPod can be used by all ages.


Is It Certified?

PowaPod is FCC, CE RoHS compliant.


What are the power specifications?

INPUT: DC 12V-24V OUTPUT: 5V5.1A; 2.1A, 2.0A, 1.0A.


What are the physical specifications?

PowaPod (2.5 x 3.2 x 8.5 cm, 0.2 kg), Car Charger (2.8 x 2.8 x 6.5 cm, 25 g), Headrest Mount (2.5 x 3.2 x 8.5 cm, 23 g)


How many can I order?

Max 4 PowaPod per order. For bulk orders please contact us.


Do You Ship To My Country?

We ship worldwide. See checkout page to see if your country is listed.


How Long does shipping take?

Delivery times vary depending on country. See shipping policy and checkout for more information.


Can I Track My Shipment?

Tracked shipping is available for select countries. See shipping policy and checkout for more information.