What passengers usually ask their rideshare drivers

Usually drivers are the ones asking passengers questions in attempt to break the uncomfortable silence and make the ride fun. However there are many cases where the passengers are the ones asking the questions. Following we have a list of the most frequent questions passengers are asking their drive during a ride.

For how long have you been driving for Uber/Lyft etc?

Passengers will like to know for how long you have been driving for the particular rideshare company. Some do it out of curiosity while others feel more comfortable being in a car whose driver is experienced enough and has been doing this for a while. After that the discussion will shift to the reason why you chose this particular company to drive for and not a different one.

How did you end up becoming a rideshare driver?

People are always interested in knowing why you made that particular career choice. For some drivers it is their primary source of income for others it is just a side gig in an attempt to increase their monthly earnings. However there are also the drivers that have free time and actually enjoy doing that and being around people. In any case how you got into it can be as simple as showing an add on a site or a friend encouraging you to do so.

Do you drive on a full-time or part-time basis? Do you have a full time job?

For some drivers driving can be their full-time job where their whole livelihood depends on. For other drivers might be a part-time thing in order to boost their monthly earnings whereas for some can be a hobby. However most of the drivers do this on a part-time basis and usually have a steady job that it is their main source of income. This can be anything from a teacher to a lawyer etc.

In your opinion what does it take to become a rideshare driver?

In general becoming a driver can be very easy. You just have to follow the necessary process the company of your choice has. This includes usually an application that has to be filled in, a driving history and background check and a car inspection if you have your own car and you don’t need to lease one. However this is the least important thing a potential driver should take into account when considering whether to become a driver or not. The potential driver should consider whether he likes meeting new people, dealing with drunk and rude passengers before making a decision.

Did you ever had any sexual advances propositioned to you?

This is something that every driver could choose not to answer. However if you do decide to answer this question, you should do it in the most respectable and mild way and avoid any details of sexual nature.

Has anyone ever vomited in your car ?

That is a very easy question to answer since most drivers have transported at least on person that was sick or drunk that would eventually end up vomiting in their vehicle. It is easily avoidable though by simply refusing to accept rides from places close to bars late at late.

Why don’t you want to have in the car more passengers than the seatbelts available?

It is illegal to carry in your car people if there is no available seatbelt for them to use since it can be crucial in case of an accident. Additionally all the rideshare companies forbid drivers from doing so. Furthermore lets not neglect the fact that no insurance agency will ever cover a driver when they have broken the law and knowingly caused someone harm.

Am I allowed to smoke or drink in you car?

Smoking cigarettes in the car is an obvious no since the smell will most probably stain the car and the ash can fall on the floor or on the carseats and burn them. In most cases even electronic cigarettes are a no go. When it comes to drinking alcohol in the car, this is a no too since it can leave a stain and make the car smell as a trash can. Furthermore in some states it is legal.

Can I book you for a ride for later on today?

This highly depends on your willingness to make this happen. If the future pick up destination is very far and it is a hassle for you to get to then you can refuse. However if it is on your way of course you can do it. In general this is something that depends on how profitable this “booking” can be for you.

Where are you?

This can be a very annoying question especially if you have been waiting for the passenger at the desired pick up point. This question usually indicates that the passenger didn’t not drop the pain point correctly meaning that you will either have to spent your time looking for the particular passenger or if you think that it is gonna take too long cancel the ride and move on.