The most important driver questions and their answers

In this blog post we are going to attempt to provide an answer to various questions old and new rideshare drivers have.

How can I contact Lyft/Uber?

When it comes to Uber the best and fastest way is by using the corresponding driver app. Just launch the app and go to Help where you are going to be able to file your question or the issue you are currently facing. Apart from that, Uber recently introduced a 24hr phone support option, so just keep track of the latest support numbers through the app.

Lyft more or less operates in the same way. If you want to contact Lyft try to do it through the app. Click on Help which will take you to the Help Center where you can click on Contact Support and file your own question.

Both companies are very active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. You can tweet Uber with your question at @Uber_support and Lyft at @askLyft. Lyft and Uber will get back to you with an answer during business hours via a direct message or a tweet.

Uber and Lyft in some cities offer the ability to visit a physical location if you need help with something.

Always try to be brief and to the point when contacting support if you want to receive an answer quickly.

How much money can drivers make when driver for Uber and Lyft?

This not and easy question to answer since everything depends on your schedule, the surges, the tips and the places and time you choose to drive in. However, depending on the afore mentioned factors , drivers can make somewhere between $15 to $20 per hour.

How can I beat my competitors and increase my earnings?

What you have to do is familiarize yourself with the city you are in. Find out where all the hot spots are, which are the places that are always full during launch hours or where all the bars are especially during the weekend. Additionally you can keep up with the days that are the busiest when it comes to dropping off or picking up someone from the airport. And of course always be aware of major events that are taking place in your city. Extra’s such water, gum and phone charging may help in earning tips.

How can I keep myself always busy and predict when surge is going to take place?

Predicting when the surge is going to take place is going to be pretty difficult. However even if you do manage to predict it, going after it is not a good choice. Just monitor your city’s busy hours and position yourself, ahead of time, close to the places people usually frequent. For example if a concert is taking place in your city you should try to be somewhere around the concert location an hour or so before the concert ends.

Furthermore while you wait for a request you can keep yourself busy by delivering for companies such as Postmates, UberEATS, Caviar,GrubHub etc.

Why do I have to have rideshare insurance? Don’t Uber and Lyft have me covered already?

As we all know rideshare driving is divided in 3 categories: when you are online waiting for a ride request, when you are online and you have accepted a ride request and when you are online and you have the passenger in your vehicle.

During the first period you are not going to receive any collision coverage. However for periods 2 and 3 Lyft and Uber are providing drivers with commercial insurance.

Always keep in mind though that personal insurers have the ability to cancel your coverage completely if they find out you are using your car for commercial purposes and that you are a rideshare driver.

What is the best car a rideshare driver should use?

There is no definite answer to this question since finding the perfect car depends on many different factors such as price (whether you can afford it or not), comfort (always choose a comfortable car you like spending many hours into) and gas mileage.

Also you will have to take into account the needs of your family if you are going to use your car for rideshare and personal purposes.

What is the best phone a rideshare driver should have?

This answer depends on the individual’s preferences, platform and affordability. The good thing here is both the Uber and the Lyft platforms are compatible with iOS and Android.

The only important consideration here is that your phone should be relatively new, with enough storage space and the ability to run multiple apps. Bigger size phones are always better and more comfortable to use.

Will I get deactivated if I ignore Lyft Line or UberPOOL ride requests?

Even though it will not get you deactivated and it will have an effect on your acceptance rate.
For those going after certain bonuses a high acceptance rate is mandatory. Furthermore in some cases you might be put in a “time out” for declining too many rides.

What do I have to do if I can find my pax?

When you can’t find your passenger the first thing you can do is park your vehicle somewhere safe where you are not blocking anyone. Put your hazardous lights or anything else that can distinguish your car from the others and text your passengers with a the necessary info for them to find your car. If that doesn’t work either you will have to call your passenger and try to figure out where they are based on their descriptions of the place.

Can I use my own car to advertise my own company or a local business?

Yes you have this option.

What am I supposed to do if a passenger asks me to do something I don’t like?

You are not obliged to do anything you don’t want to since your only job is to transfer from the pick up location to the drop off destination.

If you don’t want to do something just politely explain to the passenger the reasons why you refuse to do it. Always keep in mind though that you are required by law to transport service animals .

Do I have to take minors in my vehicle and do I have provide passengers with child car seats?

When it comes to underage passengers, everything depends on how the ride was requested since Uber recently launched UberTeen where teens can use their Family account in order to request a ride. Uber actually pays drivers $2 extra for this type of rides.

No you don’t have to provide child car seats. However, always remember that taking a child in without the proper car seat can be a massive liability problem in case of an accident plus that it can be illegal in certain states.

Which is the best Map app for drivers?

Waze and google Maps are considered the best map apps. However I would not hurt if you knew your way around the city and you had a paper map with you in case something happens to the maps app.

What can I do to improve my rating?

The first thing you should do is understand what your passengers want. Reach your destination quickly if you can. Also figure out whether they enjoy talking during the ride or if they just want to stay quiet. In general, even though it takes time to learn how to read people, it can pretty beneficial. Again, offering any extras like phone charging may help with ratings.