How to not destroy your passengers’ phones

Nowadays, having a mobile phone that is fully charged is a must for everyone. Some people, in an effort to avoid anxiety attacks, walk around with a bunch of loose cables in their bags constantly trying to find power. Not very convenient at all. In extreme cases reported, some desperate people have gone as far as snatching phones out of strangers’ hands because they had to make an important call or send an email.

Even though these cases are rare thankfully, there are some good examples of people terribly regretting going on a charger hunt.

Take Mariem, 35 of Ohia. After a fun day out with her friends, Mariem decided to call for an Uber with her barely charged mobile phone. As soon as she entered the vehicle she asked the driver if he had a charger for her phone. She wanted to make use of the ride home by uploading photos of her day to social media. Although it is a well-known safety feature not to use your phone will it is charging Mariem decided to ignore it. Even when her phone starting getting hotter than usual she kept on posting. As the heat became too much she decided to stop. A wise decision as the charger she plugged into did not have the necessary safety measures such as overheating / over current protection and would almost certainly have resulted in damage.

Unfortunately, John, 23 from Boston was not as lucky. He was running late for work so he decided to take a taxi. While in the taxi it was time to catch up with some work emails he had sent. John politely asked the driver if he could charge his Galaxy phone to which the Driver reluctantly agreed handing him his HTC cable. For a while everything was fine until John decided to make a phone call. To his surprise his phone wasn’t responding and after a few seconds completely shut down and would not restart. It was later discovered when John took it to a professional that due to an improper charging cable the phone had short-circuited and that he would need to get a new one!

The moral of the story is that no matter how desperate we get, always be cautious and use only trusted cables and power sources.

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