6 tips every driver should follow for a healthier lifestyle

Every rideshare driver is trying to do his best in order to become a successful driver. From offering food and snacks to unique gadgets every driver is trying to be the next fan favorite.

However in order for drivers to be able to give their best they also have to take care of themselves. Sleep, eat and rest is necessary. It can be difficult to follow a healthy regime of course when you are driving strange and long hours trying to increase your earnings. Fast food becomes the go-to meal whereas “Peak hours” and “Quest Pay” becomes your alarm clock.

We have a list of 6 tips drivers can follow in order to maintain a healthy mind and body when driving long hours on a daily basis :

Preplan your meals and opt for healthy snacks and food

That is a great way to save money and protect your health. By preplanning your weekly meals you can save time and money by simply avoiding eating out. In most cases, eating out for a week can be way more expensive than your weekly trip to the supermarket. Lets not even mention the difference in quality. It is a well known fact also that fast food has very low nutritional value, thus not giving you all the necessary nutrients you need in order to drive for 8 straight hours.

Maintain a healthy sleeping pattern

Even though it can be very difficult to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule with all the various peak hours you have to follow in order to increase your earnings, you should realize that it is not possible nor healthy to drive during each different busy hour of the day. Also lets not forget that the lack of sleep can be very dangerous for you and your passengers. So just find a way to get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday.

Do a physical activity between rides

Just going for a walk around the block can be very beneficial. If you are more adventurous you can see this as an opportunity to see parts of your town you didn’t know existed while at the same time looking for places, such as bars and restaurants, where you should be around  during closing time for more passengers. In general take advantage of the flexibility this kind of work gives you and get out of the car while you wait for your next ride or when you are taking a break.

Plan your daily caffeine intake

Too much coffee can make you cranky and dehydrate you. So you should find the ideal dosage that will keep you functioning properly all day and that will not get you dehydrated or stressed out. For example, you can spread it out by having one cup in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Otherwise you can have your morning coffee and then follow it up with an energy drink later in the day. Don’t forget to drink enough water within the day as well.

Become friends with your fellow drivers

It is important to have friends that you can spend time with while waiting for the next ride request. This will give you the opportunity to clear your head and boost your morale. You can also exchange driver tips and strategies with them. In general having friends that are also drivers will make you feel less alone when you are out on the open road.

Choose the proper outfit

Always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable because you will have to wear them for many consecutive hours. The same applies to shoes. Choose shoes that offer the necessary support to your feet in order to avoid cramps or soreness. Running shoes are always a safe option.