10 things new rideshare drivers should avoid doing

Every new driver when seated to drive for Lyft or Uber is extremely eager to start gaining money. However this comes with a certain degree of stress and self doubt since ideas such as will I get any ride requests, am I gonna get a high rating and will I make enough money keep rolling in your head. Nothing to worry about though since every new driver goes through this phase before getting to hang of it.

However in order for any new driver that wants to be successful rideshare driver there are 10 mistakes that should avoid making.

Unsafe way of driving

Always keep in mind that you have a passenger on the back of your car that wants to reach his destination safely. So always keep your hands on the wheel and don’t make any bold or risky driving moves. Apart from the passenger’s safety, you should always remember that the police are everywhere even if you can’t see them. As a consequence if you want to keep your monthly earnings and your free time to yourself and not spent it in fines and court appearances follow the law and keep your unsafe driving habits locked.

Neglect to purchase a good quality cellphone mount

Don’t waste your time and money on a bad quality mount. A good cellphone mount can be a life saver since it actually keeps your hands free and lets you focus on actual driving. Furthermore if placed properly it can be extremely handy since you can see any new ride request without the hassle of having to find your phone which can be anywhere from the drink holder to the back of your carseat.

Using your cellphone too much when driving

When you are focusing on your phone it means that you are not paying sufficient attention to the road. This can easily lead to an accident. If you have to deal with an urgent matter just pull over on the side of the road, deal with the issue and then get back out. Especially around places where there is heavy pedestrian traffic since we all know that in many cases pedestrians can be very distracted and walk right into traffic without noticing.

Doing everything the passenger asks for

Even if the passenger asks you to make an illegal turn or any other unsafe action in order to reach his destination faster, you should never do it. Always follow the rules and politely inform the passenger that this is something that you are not willing to do because it is not safe and you don’t want to get a fine.

Talking too much due to stress

Don’t try to force a conversation between you and your passenger in an attempt to feel less stressed. Passengers do not like forced conversations. Just relax and let things progress naturally. If it turns into a conversation good, if it doesn’t also good.

Going after the surge

The idea of going after all the potential available rides during surge might look appealing, but trust me it is not. Following the surge is the worst thing you can do because you will not be the only one doing so. Most likely the surge will have disappear by the time you reach the destination and you will have wasted your fuel and your time. The best choice is to anticipate the surge and be close to the place the surge is going to take place before it starts. Surge usually happens around bars, concerts, restaurants and sporting events.

Keep on driving even when you are tired

The best choice for you when you are tired is to go home. Don’t push yourself to keep going and accept more rides. It can be very dangerous not only for yourself but for everyone and it can lead to a fine, low rating or even an accident.

Starting the ride early

You should not start the ride as soon you reach the pick up point. The best advice is to start the ride when the passenger is actually inside the car if you want to avoid any potential hardships. It is a well known fact that passengers often change their minds after you have already arrived, so if you want to keep you sanity and not having to cancel the ride just wait for them the enter the vehicle. If they change their minds just cancel the ride as a now-show and move on with your day.

Over-reliance on Google, Waze or Uber’s navigation maps

It is very important for every new driver to spent some time getting to know the town and they streets they are driving in. You can learn from your passengers also. If they suggest a better and faster route just do it, you might learn a new better route that you were familiar with in the past. Furthermore by knowing your way around the city you can avoid getting lost in the case of your navigation system breaking down.

Problems with the music in the car

For some reason passengers think that the car’s sound system is their sound system. They will often ask you to change the music many times and even complain if the music you like is not according to their likings. It is on you to clarify that either this is the music that you like and it will keep on playing or change it and try to play the music they want.